Jérôme Boillot Student in Computer Science

About Me

I'm a student in Computer Science with interests in cryptography, comprehension of low-level concepts and, more recently, abstract interpretation with its usage in static analysis.

Computer Engineering

I like to create programs which are beautiful, clear and efficient. I've learned some programming language in order to expand my knowledge and my possibilities of creating a variety of different programs.

Computer Science

But I also like to explore the formal side of the creation of programs, the properties that we can prove on these programs, and the usage of mathematics to this end.

My Skills in programming languages

I master some languages and tools such as

I also have some knowledge of other languages such as

Education & Experience

BSc. in Computer Science

ENS of Lyon [2018-2019]

BSc. in Computer Science obtained with honors (14.96/20).

  • Algorithmics,
  • Computer architecture and systems,
  • Theory of programming languages,
  • Programming languages learning,
  • Probability,
  • Implementation of an OCaml interpreter,
  • Competitive programming,
  • Quantum information and calculation
    (with physics and computer science professors, here is a report in french about the mechanisms of Shor's algorithm).

Research internship

Computer Science Laboratory of the École Normale Supérieure (Antique team) [2019]

Internship about formalization and implementation of static analysis by abstract interpretation of inline assembly in C code.

My report in French is available here.

First year of MSc. in Computer Science

ENS of Lyon [2019-2020]

Average of 16.37/20.

  • Parallel and distributed algorithms and programs,
  • Performance evaluation and networks,
  • Compilers and program analysis,
  • Information theory,
  • Distributed systems,
  • Cryptography and security,
  • Machine learning,
  • Semantics and verification.

Research intership

Computer Science Laboratory of the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon (Avalon team) [2020]

Internship about the bootstrapping of a future project on distributed algorithms. Details and report in English awaiting publication.

Double-degree of MSc. in Computer Science

EPFL [2020-2021]
  • Design technologies for integrated systems,
  • Embedded systems,
  • Formal verification,
  • Foundations of software,
  • Information security and privacy,
  • TCP/IP networking.


Formal Verification course [2020]

Project about the implementation of a static analyzer using the octagon abstract domain.

The report in English is available here.